Submitting your CV in English.

Why chose us

iTechScope specialises in recruiting the best workforce for companies operating IT and Engineering sectors. By working with us you increase your chances in finding the vacancy that fits best your skills and abilities dramatically.

How we work with you

After you submit your CV, our headhunters will get in touch with you and suggest employment vacancies that exactly reflect your search criteria and salary needs at your desired location.

How we can help you

What we need from you is an exact and accurate description of your skills, abilities, experience and type of vacancy you are looking for. The more detailed your description the more successful we will be in finding you the right job.

What Candidates say about us

iTechScope is the most professional, friendly and responsive recruitment agency I’ve ever dealt with. They always give you feedback and inform you of how your application is progressing. They ensure you have all of the information you need to be successful at the interview and move the recruitment process in a very simple and efficient way. Their headhunters know the market better than everyone else and help you get the best possible offer out of their client. I definitely recommend them!

Sotiris Maniatis, Senior Systems Administrator